Why choose us?

We could have given you a million reasons to choose us, but the simple answer is that we are simply the best in the business…

Booking a car rental with Mauritius Car Hire is the guarantee to find the vehicle best suited to your needs, where you want, when you want. We combine an excellent service and always rent our cars at unbeatable prices.

  • Competitive and all-inclusive prices for a worry-free rental
  • A trusted brand with an excellent customer service
  • Price transparency and no banking fees
  • Free 24/7 Assistance included with each rental

    A wide choice of Car Rental

    • Choose your vehicle type, from economy car to family car, SUVs and 7-seaters

    Price includes VAT

    • All car rental prices displayed on the site are tax included: all taxes and fees included
    • Prices include: car rental, compulsory insurance, vehicle tax and unlimited mileage.
    • You will not find any hidden extras at the end of the order on the site

    A flexible booking

    • Online payment and instant booking
    • TIP: Book early to benefit from the best rates and have access to a wide choice of offers, especially for your departures during school holidays and bridge weekends.

    A personalized accompaniment

    • Find the most frequently asked questions of our customers: all the answers to your questions

    24/7 Assistance

    Mauritius Car Hire has got your back in any kind of situation. Flat tire? Lost your keys or empty tank? There are things you should never worry about when you rent a car with Mauritius Car Hire. As soon as you take possession of your rental Vehicle, Mauritius Car Hire provides you with a 24/7 Assistance. This essential service complements your car rental and provides you with a total peace of mind. Get immediate assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident. With Mauritius Car Hire, your mobility is preserved in all circumstances.

    Unlimited Mileage

    Unlimited Mileage means you can drive your car as long as you want and still pay the same price. At Mauritius Car Hire, we understand that you want to take as much advantage for the car your paid for. That’s why we offer unlimited mileage to our customers. Unlimited mileage opens a whole lot of possibilities and experiences across the Mauritian roads. Wake up the adventurous traveler inside you and why not go on a trip around Mauritius?

    Unlimited Mileage also gives you the opportunity to adapt freely to your travel changes no matter what. Discover places you initially didn’t plan to and still pay the same price with unlimited mileage!

    Comprehensive Travel Insurance

    You may be on a business trip, a honeymoon or simply on family vacation, safety remains the number one priority. Our Car Rental insurance policies protects the driver and passengers in case of accident. All our vehicles are subscribed to car rental insurance policies in total compliance to laws in Maurituis.