How to choose perfect car rental?

Here are some tips that will help you make the best choice.
Car rental agencies rarely guarantee a particular model to their customers. Why is it so?. With over 100 vehicles in our fleet and new booking coming in every day, the planning section has to juggle with the availabilities and make sure that each customer is getting the car or category they booked.

The main criteria you should look at before booking your car are the following.
The no of persons
The no of luggage
Automatic Gear
How many drivers are allowed to drive the car?
How much comfort you need and how much is your budget.

Delivery & Pick up of the car - Airport or Hotel
If at the airport, will our luggage fit in the car or should we book for a luggage transfer.

Wherever you have decided to stay, within 90 mins drive, you can cross the entire island. With approximately 2000 km of the drivable road network in Mauritius, you don’t need a particular vehicle to explore the island. All the road are nicely maintained, and driving is pure pleasure.

For a couple or a family of with three kids or a more prominent family with seven persons, the following categories are available.

Economy car - The economy car will be a good option for a couple.
Compact car - A suitable car to drive for four adults or a family with three children.
Family sedan - A comfortable car to explore the island. Consider the no of luggage you have if you are taking delivery and returning the vehicle at the airport.
Station Wagon - A perfect car to rent if you have much luggage. This car provides you with a larger boot capacity and is comfortable for five adults.
7 Seater - For a large family, this car will help you stay together and have more fun. Booking a seven-seater car will cost cheaper than renting two vehicles simultaneously.
SUV - Driving an SUV naturally gives many advantages like more comfort, more safety, more cargo space, and benefit of its off-road options.
Minibuses – 12 seater - On request, you can also book a 12 seater minibus for your holiday. Your driving license should allow you to drive such vehicles.