About Us

We are the best car rental Company in Mauritius

25 years of proven experience…

Mauritius Car Hire is a trusted brand that has always been innovative in the vehicle rental industry. Since 1992, 25 years of proven experience in the car rental industry.  It is one of Mauritius’ leading car rental brands in customer loyalty, with a commitment to offer maximum comfort and exceptional service.

Mauritius Car Hire combines experience, expertise, flexibility and quality of service allowing us to offer car rental services that meets your expectations.

We are dedicated to our customers and their satisfaction is our uppermost objective.

Pioneering the car rental industry since 1992

We have always been pioneers in the car rental industry. We lead and others simply follow. We were the first company to introduce seven seater cars on the market. Five seater cars were never suited for large families of more than five people who have difficulties during their travel across the island. Mauritius Car Hire proposed a solution to accommodate their needs…

Station Wagon

The latest category of car introduced in the car rental market in Mauritius is the Station Wagon. This is an ideal vehicle for families or those travelling with a lot of or oversize luggage. The Station Wagons is the ideal car.

Managing a fleet of more than 100 hundred Cars…

At Mauritius Car Hire, we have one of the largest fleet management on the island. More than 200 vehicles are on our daily supervision meaning that people trust us for their car rental. 

We offer a proximity service and customer satisfaction is our primary goal

At Mauritius Car Hire, we have always focused our policy on value for money, which enables us today to offer you our car rental services at the best price.

We offer you today a wide range of rental vehicles and complimentary services so that your car rental always suits your needs and your budget is always under control.

Every day we cater to the needs of our customers, whether they want to rent a passenger car for a weekend or for long term period.

To ensure a quality service, all our vehicles are inspected before each rental. And because we always renew our fleet, you are guaranteed to take the wheel of a modern and new car.