Driving in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island, just over 60 km long and less than 50 km wide. You can drive around the island in one day. Please Remember we drive on the left side like in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. To hit the road, you need to have a valid driving license of at least one year.

Driving is fun on the island. No road rage and some hooting are acceptable. Driving your car will help you explore the best tourists’ spots and the beautiful beaches not reachable by public transport. 

Driving License

In most cases, a national valid driving license is enough to hit the road, and in some cases, if the driving license is in the non-Roman alphabet, an international driving license will be required. Keep you driving license with you while driving as we have police controls. 

Highway V. Secondary Highways

The Highways are significant time-savers but not as fun or exciting as driving I the secondary road or thru the villages and the coastal road. Most of our street in the communities are narrow and sometimes don't have side pavements for pedestrians.

While driving, you will have to avoid the pedestrians, motorcycles, some stray dogs and the incoming traffic. Driving slowly and patiently while admiring the locals' way of living will make the driving a memory. Why not try to film and show your relatives and friends your new driving aptitude.

Maps - A Precious Help!

The signposts are mainly in English on the major roads and intersections. It is quite easy to find your way. If you decide to leave the main roads, then you will find fewer signs, then a road map will be helpful. A GPS or an offline google map on your mobile will be useful.

How to download an offline Google Map on your mobile?
Google Map is the best option compared to other available maps.
Please follow the link on how to download the offline map  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo9HF4s4Vcg

Road Rage

Road rage is not a familiar scene on our roads. The maximum you can hear is a prolonged hooting


Hooting is part of the Mauritian drivers' habit, but this has considerably diminished over the past years. You will hear it in traffic jams or now and then. The hooting is mainly to inform the other road users of potential danger.


Parking is available everywhere on the island. In downtowns like Port Louis, Rose Hill, Quatres Bornes and Curepipe, there is a fee for street parking. Parking prepaid tickets are available in several petrol stations or shops in the main towns. We have private paid parking which is much safer but will be slightly more expensive to those on the streets. Clear signs are indicating the exact amount you will have to pay.

Tips and advice

  • Never park on double yellow lines and yellow boxes.
  • Almost every beach public beach in Mauritius have a free parking space
  • Petrol stations are available in every town and villages. An attendant will always serve you.
  • Mauritians may use often use hand gestures, and large vehicles may use a red flag to indicate the direction they intend to turn.
  • Mauritian often flash their headlights to signal speed controls ahead.
  • The limitation of alcohol is 50 mg. Car Insurance is void above 50mg od alcohol.
  • Seat belt use is mandatory
  • Speed Detectors - Several speed cameras can be seen on the road.  The police also 
    use handheld speed detector. Oncoming drivers will often flash their headlights to signal problems ahead or speed controls. 
  • Roundabout is a type of circular intersection in which priority is for the traffic coming from the right.
  • Baby seats – Not compulsory by law but car rental companies do provide on request
  • Road Map – A road map will be useful to explore the island. Commonly used are 
    Google maps with an excellent road network.
  • Road rage – Drivers are courteous, and you will not get involved in road rage.
  • Horn – Hooting is very common on the island. It is to inform or create   
    awareness for other uses.
  • Parking Coupons – Coupons are available in the downtown of main cities. Parking coupons are sold at petrol stations.
  • Rental Cars – Official rental cars have yellow number plates.

Official Rental cars number plates

Official rentals cars have two yellow number plates. Private vehicles have a yellow plate at the back and a white plate in the front. Blue plates are for the consulates.

Drive to the left

In Mauritius, we drive on the left side of the road and overtake on the right side.
Around 76 countries and territories drive on the left side. Countries operating like Mauritius are Australia, South Africa, India, UK, Japan, Hong Kong and Indonesia, among several others.

Alcohol limitation vs Insurance policy

You are not allowed to have more than 50 mg of alcohol in your blood. Make sure you do not drink and drive, else the car insurance policy will be declared void.

Mobile phones

It is strictly forbidden to use any hand held devices while you are driving.

Seat belts in Mauritius

Seat belt use is mandatory at all times for all passengers in the car.

Do you need some more information

Do you have a specific question regarding driving in Mauritius or renting a car in Mauritius, feel free to contact us by email info@mautitius-carhire.com or WhatsApp https://wa.me/23057082878